Our Services

Financial Planning


We offer fee-only financial planning, including advising on:

  • Comprehensive Financial Plans

  • Investments

  • Retirement

  • Tax Planning

  • Financial Independence

  • Insurance

  • Saving for College

  • Budgeting


We offer flexible delivery models depending on your needs. We bill hourly at a rate of $280.00 per hour. 

Services Mullaney Finacial & Tax Taxes



Mullaney Financial & Tax provides an array of tax services, including:


  • Tax planning to structure retirement savings, investments, and businesses 

  • Tax return preparation (not currently taking on new tax return clients)

  • Representation before the IRS and state tax agencies


Tax planning and resolution services are offered at a $280.00 per hour rate. Tax return preparation is a flat fee arrangement varying based on complexity. 

Services Mullaney Finacial & Tax retirement



Retirement planning can be challenging whether you are in your first job or you just retired. Mullaney Financial & Tax helps clients plan to get to retirement and manage their finances in retirement. 

Advisory services are offered at $280.00 per hour. 




The death of a loved one is challenging. Managing an inheritance is an additional challenge. At Mullaney Financial & Tax, we work with clients to handle inherited assets and manage the tax challenges that come from inheriting retirement accounts (such as 401(k)s and IRAs), real estate, and investments.

Advisory services are offered at $280.00 per hour.